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High Velocity

High Velocity Systems are systems that use both hot or cool air or cool air comes from a heating or cooling source. That’s usually a heat pump or compressor outside the home. It then come enters the rooms through vents.

Benefits of High Velocity Systems

Space Saver

High Velocity Systems use smaller skinny tubing rather than large ducts that throughout the home. The vents are also aesthetically pleasing, convenient and quiet.

Better Climate Control

The hot or cool air then moves from the compressor or heat pump to a high-velocity air handler. This then pushes the air throughout the home with high pressure; which results in the air circulating more quickly through the area it is cooling or heating. The outcome would mean that the room gets to the desired temperature faster, which makes for better climate control.


Quicker heating / cooling is more energy and cost efficient since the system does not have to run as long.

Our High Velocity Systems

Unico System

A central heating and cooling system using “aspiration” technology to warm and cool homes evenly and quietly with flexible small ducts that weave through ceilings, walls, and even floors

The Unico System is small yet powerful

Using the following components: Air Handlers, Electric Furnace, Supply Tubing, Unico Plenum, iSeries and Outlets.