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Fixture Upgrade or Replacement

Looking to upgrade, modernize, or replace one or more of your fixtures? You've come to the right place. We stock and sell a large selection of Kohler, Grohe, Moen, Toto, Gerber, and Rohl bath and kitchen fixtures. Call us if you need help selecting the perfect fixture for your home. Our office crew has a vast knowledge of plumbing, heating, and cooling fixtures to help make your selection process less stressful and more enjoyable. Call our Chelmsford Office at 978-256-5976 and we'll hook you up!

Water Softeners

There are many towns around Chelmsford and Concord that have hard water. By installing a water softener in your home, you will extend the life of your appliances; shorten water heating time; and extend the life of your plumbing. If you're looking to have a water softener installed in your home, please call our water treatment partner Friot's Water Treatment Co. at (978) 772-6773 or visit friots. Paul Friot will set up your softener and we'll come pipe your softener into your water supply.

Dishwasher Hook Ups

If you're looking to replace your dishwasher and don't feel comfortable disconnecting it yourself, give Foster Plumbing and Heating a call and we'll take care of it. We can also reconnect your new dishwasher the same day or when it gets delivered to your home.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

Ever so often you see garbage disposals clogging up or breaking down. This may not normally be a big deal, but since these small motorized appliances are attached to the most heavily used sink in the house, the kitchen sink, it is important to keep this unit up and running. Allow Eric C. Foster to take your garbage disposal repair or replacement into their own hands.

Eric C. Foster has been installing garbage disposals, repairing garbage disposal ever since the garbage disposal was invented.

We have technicians and plumbers that are available to install, service, or repair many brands of garbage disposers. We are a certified Insinkerator installer. Insinkerator has a great product line and we stock many of their disposals on our service trucks.

Water Saving Toilets and Shower Heads

We stock and install a massive selection of water saving toilets, showerheads, and faucets. We recommend Kohler and Toto Water Sense toilets for your home. They offer many different models and colors to fit the personality of your bathroom. Kohler and Moen offer a wide range of water saving showerheads and faucets as well. Here's a link to Kohler's list of water sense showerhead options.WaterSense Showering Components
Visit our Green Page to learn more about water saving fixtures.

Insinkerator Instant Hot Water Dispensers

Save time, and get things done faster with an Insinkerator Instant Hot Water Dispensers. Instant hot water helps your cook pasta, make coffee, defrost food, melt chocolate, remove labels, loosen jars, and much more! These sleek hot water dispensers are available in multiple designs to match your kitchen's personality. The water despenses water at 200 degrees instantly!

ECF Plumbing

Eric C. Foster Plumbing & Heating provides a full spectrum of residential & commercial plumbing services.

Concord 978-369-6077 | Chelmsford (978) 256-5976

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