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Air Conditioning

Springtime is the best time to replace your air conditioning system. As the weather warms up, turn on your air conditioner to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you find something is not working properly give us a call and we'll have one of our air conditioning techs come to your home and repair your system. If your air conditioning system is over 20 years old you may want to consider replacing it. Just like a furnace, the older your system is the less efficient it is. Cooling system efficiencies are given a SEER rating or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. Before 2006, most cooling systems had a SEER rating between 8-10.

Today, we install Maytag cooling systems with SEER ratings up to 24.5! A 24.5 SEER cooling system is 145% more efficient than a 10 SEER cooling system. As you can image, a 24.5 SEER system will save you hundreds on energy costs each year. We install Maytag cooling systems from 14 SEER to 24.5 SEER. Lets work together to pair you up with the best cooling system for your home!

SpacePak High Velocity Comfort Systems

Do you own a home that was built with no ductwork or central air system? Are you sick of lugging around heavy, unsightly window AC units before and after each cooling season? Don't give up hope just yet! We are a certified SpacePak High Velocity Comfort System dealer. Spacepak is a great product that uses small 2" flexible duct giving you the ability cool any room in your home without tearing down walls or opening up huge holes in your ceilings.

SpacePak's narrow diameter duct tubing allows it to be placed in the spaces behind walls, floors, and ceilings: it can be installed with virtually no disruption to livable space, nor to interior architectural features.

SpacePak is ideal for:
  • Historic buildings
  • Buildings without existing ductwork
  • Buildings that utilize radiant heat systems
  • Open floor plans
  • Log homes/cabins
  • Lofts, addtions, and modular homes

For more information call us or feel free to check out SpacePak

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